Monday, June 18, 2012

#13 - Strathdon Blue

This cow’s milk blue cheese comes from Ross-shire in Scotland, but we purchased it from Cartmel Cheeses in Cumbria.   The sample we tried appeared to have quite a mixed rind with blue, green and white moulds, as well as some yeast/bacteria development.  The rind was quite thick, covering about 5mm of creamy, almost liquid, broken down cheese.  The paste in the centre was still quite light coloured, and had an appearance somewhat like Roquefort – with large mechanical openness that may have been enhanced by some gas development.  The mould in the centre was very light green in colour and was developed to a lower level than the outer rind would suggest.  The mouthfeel was generally creamy although slightly chalky with an acidic taste in the centre.  The flavour was of reasonably young mould – it had not developed the savoury, complex blue mould punch we were expecting.  Overall we thought this example was over-ripe on the outside compared to the centre.  We forgot to take a photo of this cheese!

We have tried more recent examples of this cheese from the same shop, and these were more consistently ripened throughout and with a more balanced flavour.

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