Monday, February 20, 2012

#3 to #5: Cowgirl Creamery, Point Reyes Station, California)

We found Cowgirl Creamery just down the road from our campsite after heading North along the coast from San Francisco the previous afternoon.  Surrounded by rolling hills, farms and lots of green grass (it is winter) is the little town of Point Reyes Station.  Here you can find a small supermarket, a mechanic, a gas station, a post office, and another shop ”Toby’s” that seems to do everything else.  As we sat outside drinking our coffee from Toby’s, locals called across the street to each other about their car troubles, enquired of each other’s health, and debated about the new bus schedule to the main town inland. Cowgirl Creamery started in this location.  They have now expanded and moved most of their operations inland to Petaluma, and also have two shops in San Francisco.  But here we visited their original location and the site where they still make their washed rind Redhawk cheese. 

#3:  Redhawk.  This is a triple cream washed rind cheese made Jersey cow milk, aged 3-4 weeks. It is around 250-300g, basket shaped with a light orange rind and only a small amount of white mould in surface depressions.  The rind has a light brevi/smear aroma, but the flavour is a little stronger and slightly bitter, but this seemed in balance with the rest of the cheese.  The rind was quite firm but not too thick, with a slight crunch.  They appear to use an adventitious smear culture from the factory environment, and we were told they had tried to move production to their larger factory in Petaluma, but couldn’t achieve the same product so moved production of the Redhawk back to the original factory in Point Reyes. 

#4.  Mt Tam.  We also tried Mt Tam, a traditional style white mould cheese with a very soft paste under a firm rind and a smooth, soft but unripened centre.

#5.  Wagon Wheel.  This is Cowgirl Creamery’s newest cheese, aged for 60 days.  It is European in style, based on Asiago, and matured in 10-12kg wheels.  It is pale yellow in colour and has a soft-medium firmness and a floral, fruity flavour.

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