Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is not technically a cheese, but a dish containing cheese, so it doesn't get the honor of #2. But Poutine was on our list of things we had to experience in Canada.  We found an East Coast Canada diner "Frenchies" which specialised in the stuff.  As the picture shows, it is simply potato fries with gravy and fresh cheese curds on top.  We had the most simple version (the one shown is the serving for two, but we couldn't finish it). Other dishes had extra toppings like bacon, brisket, smoked fish, you name it they had it.  It was pretty tasty, but to be honest it was pretty much what it looks like - a big pile of fries, gravy and curd.  And not very healthy.  But definitely glad we gave it a try.

The same evening, seeing as it was our 2nd wedding anniversary, we visited the Oakwood Canadian Bistro in Kitsilano for dinner.  These guys make everything (including bread, sauces, pasta etc) from scratch in the kitchen and source everything from within 100km of Vancouver.  I had the Dungeness Crab tortellini with burnt butter sauce (delicious) and Sandi had the pork belly, which was cooked properly and just fell apart without the need for a knife.  But the star of the show was dessert.  The "Nanaimo custard" was in fact a delicious egg custard made with milk from Nanaimo (a town on Vancouver Island) inside a Mason jar, and on top was a ganache with pecans and coconut thread.  So yum.

Poutine from Frenchies

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